Mother’s Day 26th May

Each country across the world has it’s own date for Mother’s Day. In Poland it’s the 26th of May – ever since 1914 when it was first celebrated in Kraków / Cracow. Mothers in Poland usually receive cards, flowers and other gifts and most creches and pre-schools organize performances for this occasion.

This was my first Mother’s Day last year….


Little Man was only 5 months old! ❤

Today, 12 months on, I received my first ever handmade Mother’s Day card from Little Man and I was absolutely moved! Dad helped a little, but only a little of course (;  (Personally though, I believe that Little Man thought Mother’s Day was yesterday because that’s when he gave me his very first kiss!)


These are only a couple out of millions of little things that make motherhood so special. I’m absolutely honored to be a Mum of such a special Little Man and I’m happy there’s still so many beautiful moments ahead of us, while all that has already passed by is treasured in my heart forever! Each day as a mum brings me a new lesson to learn and I have a feeling that each and every day with my Little Man brings me more and more love for him every time I look at him or hold him in my arms! Being a mum is impossible to describe. It carries along so many ups and downs, many hopes and fears, many struggles and wins, loads of feelings and emotions yet it’s the best thing that could have ever happened to me!

And there are no words for how much I am grateful and thankful to my Mum for giving me life so that I could become a Mum myself one day. Thank you Maminka ❤


Happy Mother’s Day fellow Mums in Wrocław (and not only) town! May you always remember how blessed you are to be a Mum (:


Breastfeeding – The Beginning


Long before I gave birth to Little Man, I knew I wanted to breastfeed. That was one of the very few things I was strongly convinced about. What I didn’t know however was that it’s not always that easy as it seems? I mean, I knew I had the choice – breastmilk or formula, I was told at birth school that sometimes a baby has problems with sucking properly, we were shown different breastfeeding positions and the midwife told us about what can happen when we breastfeed (inflammation, nipple infections etc.) but it all seemed to be SO NATURAL = once the baby’s born you “attach” it to your breast and that’s it, the baby drinks/eats milk and everyone’s happy (: Ok, this does happen indeed if you’re lucky but regardless of whether you’re lucky or not, once you start breastfeeding, there’s usually millions of questions crashing into your mind.

I had problems at the beginning as Little Man was sucking too shallow, he wasn’t able to latch on the nipple deep enough to drink milk correctly. Each nurse that entered our room said something different. One of them told me to buy nipple-shields so proud daddy ran to the nearest pharmacy to buy the most expensive shields ever for me just to get to know the next day that the size was incorrect (even though suggested by a nurse). The nurses also strongly insisted on Little Man spending the second night in the newborns room again (I would have never allowed for this now and this is something I regret agreeing to! ) where He was given formula ( I didn’t know by that time that you can state that you do not allow them to feed your baby with formula …. ). The nurses also kept telling me that Little Man isn’t eating enough milk so I need to feed Him some formula too ): If only I knew that all this was so wrong ):

Breastfeeding is something you need to actually practice once the baby arrives and it always takes about 3 months time to settle.. Furthermore, there is no such thing as “you don’t have milk” (such cases are actually one in a million) There is a “ you don’t have enough milk” but this should always be followed by the magic word YET – a baby needs time to produce more and more milk in your breasts by sucking because a baby keeps growing and with growth comes the need for more milk. Nobody I know told me any of this before, not even the midwife at birth school nor the midwife I visited a few times during pregnancy. I felt irritated, confused and lost and all I wanted was to find myself at home with Little Man so that we could work our own way out peacefully, away from all those stressful “advisors”. The day we were leaving hospital, someone knocked at our door and asked whether we need any breastfeeding support. YES! YES, PLEASE! That was a lactation consultant and I feel ever so grateful she was there for us. She answered all our questions, she sat with us for a long time trying to figure out what our problem was. All in all she told me to buy nipple-shields a size bigger than the ones I had as Little Man was sucking very well with them and she told me to keep trying to feed Little Man without them with time. She also answered a few other questions of mine so that I felt at least a bit more confident with what I was doing before we left hospital. It’s such a shame that hospitals don’t have enough money to invest in more breastfeeding consultants….

Back at home I kept struggling. Things were much better because we didn’t have all these people around us, but Little Man seemed to be hungry all the time! He drank for about 40 minutes from one breast and then another 40 minutes from the other.


Taking it that a newborn eats more or less every 3 hours, and one could actually set his watches according to Little Man following this rule, adding in all the necessary tasks and preparations around feeding, I had about 60 minutes left for myself every 3 hours which I usually spent on gathering milk with a breast-pump because I was so sore I fed Little Man with a bottle. I felt like I was nursing Little Man 24/7. I had no idea this approach was leading me to nowhere. I was tired, my nipples were sore even though I kept using shields, there were times I cried (those hormones…) but I kept going on. I can say I was fighting. When our midwife came with her first visit after a few days, upon arrival she said that it’s impossible that Little Man could be eating all that time. “He surely keeps sleeping at your breast being lazy”. She waited until Little Man got hungry, asked me to sit down, she placed Little Man against my breast, checked he was sucking properly and sat down next to us watching Him eat. Little Man kept sucking his usual 40 minutes and then cried for the other breast which he also sucked for about 40 minutes. Our midwife was well surprised seeing that he was really eating all this time (you could see him swallowing very often) and said that Little Man is simply a very hungry Little Man! She also told me to keep feeding him this way and in case I was tired, to give him formula. I gave him this formula a few times and then I came across a breastfeeding support group on Facebook. I started reading and nearly two weeks after Little Man was born I knew I would never again give Little Man any formula milk. There was absolutely no need for that. Nor was there a need for further breast-pumping.

Once you are breastfeeding, you just have to keep on doing it and there really comes a time when you both adjust. I had to understand that together with the need for food comes the need for love and closeness. What more, my hungry Little Man needed more milk and that’s why he spent so much time on eating. He had to “work out” the amount of milk he needed. Some babies are less hungry, others more. Some eat very short, others very long and guess what! It’s all normal! (I’m not talking about the very few exceptions that do happen sometimes remembering that each case is individual and every baby is different, and even every breast is different!)

I was exhausted by the time I came across this group (there are a few of them) but that’s when my real battle began! I didn’t give up! We had a little bottle of formula waiting there in the kitchen, staring at us with a threatening look but I believe my look was more threatening whenever I heard anyone saying “give him that formula bottle, he’s still hungry”…… There were many sleepless nights, there were moments of frustration, there was crying (both mine and Little Man’s), there was pain and even blood but all the happiness and sense of safety that I literally felt coming from Little Man each time he was breastfed, surely compensated the tough beginnings.

We made it! I can proudly say we both made it!!! It wasn’t easy, it was a long process but here we are, 16 months later, still breastfeeding and loving it! Those (now) short moments are only ours and I cherish each and every one of them, knowing, that one day this will only be a beautiful memory….


Little Man’s First Haircut! / Children’s Hairdresser’s in Wrocław/

For the past few months I was doing everything to postpone Little Man’s first haircut. He had small curls at the bottom-back of his head and I loved to tousle them any time we played, when he was passing by, when I was cuddling him to sleep, breastfeeding…pretty much always! Not to mention how cute he looked! My husband liked those curls too, up to the moment when passers-by started saying “what a lovely little girl”….He has been teasing me for a long time asking me provocatively every now and then “sooo, when are we going to the hairdresser’s with him?” but after hearing what a pretty daughter he has for the Xth time, the teasy question turned into a short statement – we have to get Little Man’s hair cut. A man will never really understand why it is so difficult for a woman to get her “little baby’s” first hair cut. A first haircut is not just a haircut. Isn’t it obvious? – No. It’s not. Why? Because men are from Mars and woman are from Venus but that’s a different story…

I would have probably still fought for Little Man’s first hair as I wasn’t disturbed by all those people mistaking Little Man with a girl but all in all I had to lay down arms because the main problem was that Little Man’s hair, at the back of his head were slowly turning into a cosy looking birds nest. They were getting tangled up every time Little Man was sleeping and even though it was possible to disentangle them, it was totally impossible to smooth them out so Little Man ended up having this massive mess at the back of his head. Proof:


For me as a mum, this was another BIG step in our life, or rather my life as Little Man was all easy with it. He kind of didn’t even notice what happened. Bless him, my cute little bean ❤

Anyway, I was all emotional and fragile, probably also because I was about to return to work and leave Little Man at home 3 days later so I guess that the hairdresser just topped up my emotional swing. I was just about to “cut the cord” and I felt like I was about to cut it in two hard goes. Like as if the scissors weren’t sharp enough… don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t making a soap opera kind of massive hassle out of it because I am aware and do feel blessed knowing that this was my only problem at that time, but this is what was actually going on in my heart and my head and there was nothing I could do to change it.

One of those teary mum – child stages I had to go through I guess…

Funny enough, as much as I’m getting used to the fact that I have to work leaving Little Man behind for part of the day every day, I still didn’t really seem to get over those curls!!! ):

Little Man on his way to get his first ever haircut <3

Little Man on his way to get his first ever haircut ❤

Where did we go?

We went to Fryzurkowo on Skrzydlata Street.

How did we like it?

It was ok. Meaning ok dot and nothing more. The place has all facilities needed to keep a toddler busy while his or her hair is being cut. It’s very colourful with lots of toys, tvs, themed seats (Little Man was seated in a car for safety reasons). I’m sure that Little Man enjoyed it as he didn’t even notice the tv was on until we were getting of the seat (unbelievable!). The lady that took care of Little Man’s hair was nice, she was telling me what to do to keep him busy and was very quick, yet precise. I’m also glad she actually listened to what we wanted his hair to look like. At the end, Little Man received a diploma with his curl and he got to pick a toy for himself before we left.

The whole visit was about 15-20 minutes long….



Was there anything we would change?

Yes. Although the lady dealing with Little Man’s hair was very kind, she simply dissapeared once finished (we also thought she would at least introduce herself to Little Man at the beginning but nothing like that happened) and we had an overall feeling of disturbing everyone in this place. The atmosphere was very neutral, unlike expected to be in a place where you go with children really. So if there was something we could change, it would be the employees’ attitude – customer service in general. We’re talking about child- centered services here, so it’s important that a hairdresser is good with babies, toddlers and children. Little Man wasn’t bothered now but as he grows he will surely need a hairdresser who’s friendly, funny, who will actually speak to him and make him feel comfortable and relaxed where he is.

How much did we pay?

30PLN for a boy’s haircut including diploma and toy (35PLN for a girl’s haircut)

Would we recommend this place to others?

If it wasn’t for the general attitude of the employees – definitely yes!

Another place we could have gone to was…

„Fryzjerek” in Magnolia Park

Or any hairdresser’s around actually because remember- it’s not always about catchy gimmicks!

Maybe next time (:

Little Man with short hair, straight after getting his first ever haircut <3

Little Man with short hair, straight after getting his first ever haircut ❤

Blogging again!

Hi there!

Here I am again, after a long 3 months break from blogging, I’m back. Actually, we’re back – me and my Little Man. To be honest, I thought my blog would kind of become forgotten, more and more with every month that passed but nope!!! Instead, I’m getting new views and likes every day. Well ok, maybe not that spectacularly but still!!! I’m really happy to see this happening and it was actually the main trigger for me to finally get a new laptop, regather myself again, find time and start off full steam with a new post.
I wasn’t sure what to start with so I thought I’d just go with the flow this time.
What have we been up to over the past few months?
Well, I was making the most out of my time at home with Little Man as I have just returned to work now. A lot of mixed feelings as you might guess but that’s just life. Anyway, Little Man is quite a Big Man now! Like all of us, he has his ups and downs. He’s also beginning to have his own views and opinions and unluckily for us, they are really strong views lol! Most of all though, he’s a lovely, happy little toddler exploring the world around him, he absolutely loves stairs (!!!) and unrolling toilet paper rolls (!!!), he likes sharing his food (both with people and the floor), he enjoys helping out with house chores, he likes playing hide-n-seek, he absolutely adores cats and dogs and he still likes playing and listening to drums. Little Man is also beginning to talk a lot – in his own language but still, it’s amazing to listen to him and know that he’s got so much to tell us ❤

Moreover, Little Man has just had his first haircut – that was a hard decision to make for me ( those curls…) but I’m afraid I had to make this step as he had a big tangled up bunch of hair at the back of his head every morning (ok, throughout the day too….ok,he had it all the time..) plus the curls were making him a bit hot so it happened, Little Man went to a hairdresser and he was so brave! So unlike his mum!


Little Man heading towards the hairdresser.

We also got a new stroller in the meantime. An amazingly great stroller, so great that I regret we hadn’t bought it sooner! Be sure to read a review here some day. I’ll also add a post about the hairdresser as it’s a hairdresser dedicated for children. And I do have in mind that I still owe you a few posts about hospitals in Wrocław so won’t be promising anything now as the last time I promised these posts, both mine and my husband’s computers broke down lol!

Before I returned to work I got to spend some quality time with Little Man, we spent a couple of weeks in the countryside, in a small village near the mountains, next to a few lakes, in a house with STAIRS!!! lol! I loved it and Little Man seemed to be very happy with where he is too. He was mastering his uphill and downhill walking skills and he got to see a lot of different farm animals around. He looked really cute discovering all the small things you don’t see living in a city! This getaway helped me unstress a bit before all the changes that were so close by that time and it was surely a great end to my maternity leave – by the way, I can’t believe it’s over ! But it is. Life is moving on, we’re moving on, however life will never be the same again because now there’s an awesome Little Man that brings that magic sparkle to every single day of our life!

I couldn’t be more thankful to God for that!

And I’m glad to be back!

And I’m looking forward to comments from all of you!

Which hospital should I choose to give birth? ( Wrocław )

Which hospital should I choose to give birth? This is a question every young mum asks herself and a question everyone else around asks her, to make it even more difficult I guess (;  (Unless you’ve decided to give birth at home, then that is a great topic for a seperate post in the future.)

Maternity Room: Push, Push, Push.

Choosing the „right” hospital is a very difficult decision to make as all of us would want our babies to be born healthy and in a nice environment and atmosphere. „Nice” usually means that a woman expects a kind and helpful midwife to be present at birth, she actually expects everyone around to be nice (which shouldn’t be a surprise but unfortunately in Poland often is); she would like to give birth in a seperate room (not behind a curtain separating her from another woman in labour) with labour enhancing equipment like balls, ladders etc. ; she would expect to have a seperate bathroom in her labour room; she wants to be given the choice of birth position, anaesthetic and who she would like have next to her during birth. These are very general points and maybe obvious for some, but trust me, in Wrocław it’s difficult to find a hospital that would fulfill all the ecpectations above. And I haven’t even mentioned anything about the postnatal ward…

It must be even more difficult for a foreigner to make this decision here and that is why I decided to start a series of posts describing Wrocław’ hospitals with labour wards included in National Health Fund. Each hospital will be described in general and each post will contain a short opinion of a couple or maybe a few mums who have given birth in this hospital – both positive and negative opinions so that you can compare them.

If you’re one of those mums still deciding what to do, I’d be grateful for any questions you might have regarding labour wards in Wrocław so that I can answer them in my posts too. If you need any very specific information, let me know and I will help you find the answer or I will simply find out for you. Any suggestions will be appreciated! You can comment below or e-mail me at

Our Birth Story

Oh yes ! A blog like this can’t exist without THE story. The truth is most mums love sharing their birth stories over and over again until everyone around knows them by heart. I’m not any different…surprise? Not. I think we do it because birth is one of those moments in a woman’s life that outshine any other events. Wait! It’s actually not even a moment! Birth is both the end and beginning to something ever so special, something that lasts for a lifetime and carries along such a luggage of emotions and experience that it just can’t be pigeonholed as „the past”. Off we go then….

Christmas 2013, a few days before Little Man was can actually see he was really comfortable and cosy in there as my belly is still up high even though already lower than it was!

Christmas 2013, a couple of days before Little Man was born… You can hardly see the christmas tree lol

My due date was the 16th of December. However I think that my doctor jinxed the actual birth date as the day he told me I was pregnant, basing his calculations purely on the last date of my period, he said that Little Man would be due on the 24th of December. We both laughed out loud then….Little Man was born two days later than first suggested (:

Anyway, Little Man must have been very comfortable in my tummy as he didn’t really feel like honouring us with his presence on the other side of it. Neither on the 16th, nor on the 17th, not even a week later so I received a referral to hospital dated 24th of December! Even though I couldn’t wait to meet our Little Man in person, a vision of spending Christmas Eve in hospital wasn’t comforting because on the 24th of December hospitals deal only with emergencies and births that have already begun so they wouldn’t have done anything anyway (induction in my case). While everyone else was getting ready for Christmas Eve, I was getting ready for hospital. I went there with my husband and my mum. We waited and waited, and waited… We spent about 4 hours waiting outside the emergency room before a doctor came down to examine me. I will always be very thankful for this lady! She was very kind, full of empathy and understanding, and she did everything to show me Little Man’s face in 4D, in the emergency room!!! (In Poland it’s very rare, I was actually surprised they have such an option there but I guess it’s due to the fact that you hardly ever meet anyone so kind in the local emergency room – sad but true). I wanted to take a photo because she wasn’t able to print the picture  – the doctor not only allowed me to do so but also told me to go and fetch my husband to come in and have a look on the screen himself, in the end asking me to lie down again so that we could have another peek-a-boo at our Little Man. So there I was lying again, looking at Little Man sucking his fingers and moving his lips, together with my husband and a nurse that couldn’t stop looking either. They said it was the first time they could see a baby so well in 4D picture. We loved it! This is the picture I took then

Little Man <3

Little Man ❤

I was really lucky she was on duty when I entered the emergency room as she ensured me there was nothing happening, no birth symptoms, no cramps, Little Man was happily snuggled in so she let me go home and told me to come back the next day, this time „for good”. And so I did, I went home and had a lovely Christmas dinner with my family and I could still eat everything yaaaay! ( omniom mniom mniom ) lol

We returned to hospital next morning. Again a long wait, a very unpleasant examination in the emergency room this time ): and I was placed in pathology ward at around 2pm. Since I was 9 days overdue, they immediately decided to induce labour with the use of Folley’s catheter. I was surprised and unprepared as I only got to the ward. I spoke to a doctor and she suggested I agree and so I did. If it was today, I would have probably asked them to first examine my foeatal waters etc.and depending on the tests I would have probably decided to wait a few more days because only now I’m more aware of when labour should be induced and why. On the other hand we’re meant to trust doctors …

At around 6pm I started feeling my first contractions, they were still weak so I waited…at around 7pm they got a bit more painful and then….and then someone knocked at the door and in came my whole family!!! lol That was really sweet of them but my dear, have they got the right time instinct lol

At 9pm I felt the contractions were regular, every 10 minutes with a watch in my hand. The moment I realized they’re regular I quickly munched on a piece of cheesecake! (;

At midnight the pain got so unbearable I asked them to remove the catheter. They removed it an hour later and told me to try and get a bit more rest. At 2am I was moved to the labour ward. I called my husband and told him it started and I still can’t believe how quick he got there, with a taxi (!)

My husband was with me all the time. He left the room only when asked to do so every time they wanted to examine me.It was nice they actually asked him to wait outside then. I could use the shower (I didn’t want to get out (: ! ), I had a fitness ball (I remember sitting on the ball, falling asleep and then when I felt another contraction was coming I said „I wish someone could cut the lower part of my body off and leave it here while I’d go home on my hands…..” lol), there was a midwife keeping an eye on me and Little Man every now and then, instructing me what to do; my husband was there for me, moisturizing my lips with a chapstick, trying to give me water (my body unfortunately didn’t want to accept it so I was put on a drip) and making sure I breathe like they taught us at birth school

And so it happened, first they quickly stopped the effect of oxitocine, next epidural, preparation for surgery, 15minutes and I was rushed to the surgery ward with a quick kiss from my husband on the way….

At 10am I heard the first cry of Little Man and that was the most beautiful moment in my life! I heard the nurse saying „without a doubt this will be 10 Apgar points” – that was the moment Little Man was passed from the doctor’s hands to the nurse, before I could even see him and before the nurse actually examined him (: I was just happy he was healthy and fine! A couple of minutes later they layed him down on my chest, he was crying so loud but the moment his skin touched mine he went silent just looking at me with his massive dark eyes


57cm and 3820 grams of love and happiness was there with us! Our Little Man ❤


A very happy and proud DAD


High five! Finally leaving hospital 🙂

Today, Little Man continues to give us even more centimetres and kilograms of love and happiness, he’s the joy and the meaning of our life, he’s a healthy Little Man and I thank God for him every single day ❤

Babywear Me Right!

OK, that’s it. I was walking around the house last night, doing this and that …


Anyway, with a glimpse of an eye, passing the tv I catch this view:



You’re probably asking yourselves WHY now. I was also asking myself the same question when I only started my adventure with babywearing and baby-carriers. I did a short internet research and I will share my new bits of knowledge with you and do feel free to pass it on further wherever required.

There are two main reasons you MUSN’T carry your baby face forwarding in any carrier.


Babies are born with a ‘C’ shaped spine and they will bend their legs up in a fetal position, rather than stretch out straight for long periods. By the time your baby takes its first step, he or she will develop an „S” shaped spine like older children and adults have. The curves are there for a reason too – they absorb any impact on our back while walking. So just as we’re not meant to „push” our baby to start walking, we can’t make it stay in this upright position it is in while being carried around in a front facing carrier. It is wrong! It causes unnatural pressure on the baby’s spine as well as its incorrect development. Moreover, most forward facing carriers force the baby’s spine out of its natural ‘C’ shape by making the baby’s back lean against the carrier’s tummy. This forces the baby’s pelvis to tilt backwards which puts unnecessary stress on the pelvis by forcing it to carry the baby’s own weight in the carrier and also makes the immature spine responsible for absorbing the force of each step during motion. You can see this  very well in the picture below…


Hip dysplasia is a condition affecting the development of the ball and socket hip joint. As many as 3% of newborns are affected, however, as it can be difficult to diagnose in young babies, this condition may come out only later in your child’s life. To encourage healthy hip development, babies should have freedom to remain in the fetal position. Forward facing carriers and non ergo carriers prevent this position by forcing babies’ legs together:


Of course it is not said that this WILL happen but if it does, this is usually one of the reasons. To risk or not to risk – that’s a parents’ choice but before you decide to risk, check out this website for more information on hip dysplasia:

Other reasons why babies shouldn’t be carried forward-facing in carries are:

  • Overstimulation  –  too many things around to take in which might frustrate a baby, make it cry, be anxious and unhappy
  • Affects the carrying person’s spine – proper wraps, slings and carriers ensure that the weight of your tucked in baby is distributed accross the upper part of your body and the gravity remains the same while forward facing carriers usually make the baby lean out from you disturbing the centre of gravity which forces a parent to keep their back in an unnatural position leading to suffering from back- aches.
  • Lack of interaction and response to cues  – you won’t even notice your baby being sick or falling asleep etc.

To sum up: to carry forward facing or not to carry forward facing – this is the question…


I say a BIG NO to front facing carriers and strongly encourage you to find an alternative.

Here you will find another post of mine about babywearing which might help you out with choosing a baby carrier safe and healthy for both you and your baby.

I hope I’ve answered all your hidden questions regarding this way of carrying a baby. However, if you have any other questions or doubts, please e-mail me or comment below and I’ll be happy to do further research for you.


I just thought that the „I’m going to bed” picture should (at least in my case) have another point added to the end of the wife list – „write post” (;

Night night then, off to bed I go (:


Jingle all the way…. a short story about December

December, Christmas Time, Little Man’s first birthday New Year’s Eve, January 2015…what? When did that happen?

Helloooo,where are you??? Searching for December..

Helloooo,where are you??? Searching for December..

I was so busy in December I didn’t even manage to write a new post! I also didn’t get much sleep and rest so I nearly fainted the day I woke up and had NOTHING to do. The day after Christmas time, when all my mother-missions were complete, my body went through a little bit of a shock. Luckily my husband was at home so I slept the whole day through with both my Little Man and Big Man checking up on me every now and then ❤ Even my laptop was shocked when I switched it on a couple of days ago, finally, after about 2 weeks of break … and the moment I did, it decided to break down, for good ):

Well, as they say, shit happens so here I am, writing a post on my husband’s computer but „remember, don’t download anything, don’t touch this or use this….” lol Yep, I still love him ❤

So, how was our December? Crazy!!! There was a few other things going on in the family too but I, as a mum, wanted the first Christmas of our super Little Man to be super sweet and memorable, and so did I want his birthday to be! I first thought, ok, we won’t be going over the top but then…..

Presents – that was the easiest bit as I’ve ordered them earlier. What I’ve ordered last was Little Man’s birthday outfit and birthday decorations. That left me stressing until the day before Christmas when I received the last parcel…ufff

Christmas shopping – mid December I think „I’ll go with my husband to make things easier” but as if on purpose, my husband has to stay overtime nearly every day reaching home late evening; a few days later I think „when hub gets home he’ll stay with Little Man while I go shopping” so I go shopping, I reach the shop, I pick up the first item from my very long list and get a phone call „please come home, Little Man can’t stop crying” (separation anxiety); three days before Christmas I start panicking – luckily mu mum manages to take care of Little Man for a few hours so I finally bought what I needed.

Cleaning the house – that’s a bit of a mission with a baby at your side ( meaning literally clinged to your leg) especially when you’ve planned thorough cleaning of the house including all windows and sorting of clothes and other stuff plus your husband stays overtime every day and then you find out he has to go to work on Saturday too (exceptionally…of course exceptions always find their right time to happen). Remember – if you have a baby at the age of nearly one (crawling, beginning to walk, separation anxiety and other) plan to start any thorough cleaning a month ahead of any special events (; Unless you have a helping hand.

Cooking – bearing in mind that Little Man crawls a lot, walks along all cupboards and loves spending time really close (!) to me, the best cooking time for me was when he was asleep. As you know, I did Christmas shopping three days before Christmas. That left me with two nights of cooking … minus the first night as Little Man didn’t fall asleep untill 10pm so I finished cleaning the house and … and went to sleep. All in all I ended up on cooking most of the next night, looking like a zombie on Christmas morning (: I still enjoy cooking though!

Christmas Eve – WIGILIA – just on time, just perfect, our first Christmas with our Little Man!

A special Christmas bauble for our Little Man :)

Little Man’s special Christmas bauble 🙂

First Day of Christmas  – that always used to be the most relaxing day of all for us. Not this time (: Little Man was born on the Second Day of Christmas and that’s when we decided to gather our whole family in our tiny little flat to celebrate together (: Before the celebrations though, we had to redecorate the place, move some furniture around, prepare decorations and put them up, put together Little Man’s present to await him in the morning, prepare food…busy busy busy!

Second Day of Christmas – yaaaay, Little Man turned one!!! We collected his cake in the morning (My post about cakes Who wants some cake? ), we organized birthday balloons with helium, the turkey was in the oven since early morning, Little Man got some sleep, Little Man dressed, Hub dressed, Me dressed (; Guests and loads of happiness ❤


I was well tired but it was all definitely worth it! It’s not that your baby turns one every day….For me it was a very emotional day and I think that’s what used up all the rest of my energy, emotions, a mixture of pure happiness, pride and a tiny bit of sentimental sadness that the time has passed so quick… ❤ But that’s what my next post is going to be about (:

As for New Years’, it was great! Spent with some of our loved ones, quietly but joyfully! Our Little Man and his tiny little cousin waited with us till midnight. Of course we didn’t force them to but I think they felt the atmosphere and didn’t want to miss out on anything making sure we have loads of other attractions in the meantime too (; Cheeky little monkeys ❤ (;  lol


We entered year 2015 with a burst of laughter and as they say…the way you start the year is what your year is going to be like so I’m waiting for loads of laughter and joy hopefully awaiting us and all of you dearest readers in this New Year!

Dear Santa…


Last weekend we organized Mikołajki for the youngest members of our family. My husband was dressed as Santa, and me and my sister-in-law were his elves. We thought – why not make our babies enjoy the magic touch of Christmas time right from the start?


Our Little Man was absolutely thrilled and fascinated with Santa stepping through the door. His jaw dropped and he kept following Santa with his very wide open eyes! However he did have a couple of soft moments and nearly started crying even though I was right next to him ❤ Bless him! His tiny little cousin loved Santa to the point of cuddling into his beard (: So cute!

Anyway, it was a lovely evening, and I’m sure it left a tiny touch of magic in our babies’ hearts.


But then, it also left me thinking about something.

My nephew joined us too, he also received a gift from Santa (; He’s 8 years old. He was playing with his new toy after Santa left and asked me: „How on earth did uncle know I wanted this toy? I wrote it in my letter to Santa only last night?!How is that possible aunty?”

images (5)

„Well sorry kid, it’s because there’s actually no Santa. Dad read your letter and bought the gift, gave it to uncle and here it is right now in your hands. Happy?”

Relax, of course I didn’t say that! But I am aware that some parents making sure they follow the rules of raising children in total truth about life take it a step too far and tell them the most cruel truths because it’s fair. I’m not saying we should lie to our children. Absolutely not! But a tip of magic in life is surely required!


I believed in Santa when I was little (to be honest I still believe in Santa somewhere out there 😛 ), I believed in dwarves, in the tooth-fairy and many other little strange creatures like Gremlins lol I surely believed in a lot more things I don’t remember now and surely DO NOT exist but why not? That was part of my childhood that definitely developed my imagination and creativity and I’m 100% sure it made my childhood filled with joy even more than it was. It made my childhood full. I actually can’t really imagine my childhood without believing in „things”….

What I told my nephew is „Listen, Santa read your letter and must have told uncle what it said. Uncle is one of Santa’s helpers as there is no chance for Santa to visit every single house in person…To be honest I know nothing more as Santa asked uncle to keep everything in secret no matter what so that is all I know. But you can be sure that Santa read your letter” 😉

pobrane (3)

As for me, I don’t see any point in telling children the truth about Santa . They might find out the truth on their own one day, maybe they will hear someone else talking about it, maybe they will keep believing in Santa having helpers all around the world…? Regardless, dearest parents, please don’t take all the magic out of your children’s life. It’s a child’s right to believe in non-existing things or simply in magic. Why not keep it this way and make sure our children have a magical childhood…? It really doesn’t take much to leave a few cookies and some milk for Santa with the help of your kids…

Kinderplaneta – Kids just wanna have fun :)

Winter is approaching, it’s slowly getting really cold outside and mums in Wrocław don’t spend as much time outside walking their babies as they used to until not so long ago. Of course I still recommend everyday walks but sometimes the temperature drops so low that it’s rather best to stay at home or go for a very short walk. But what to do with a baby all day long at home, how to keep it busy and help reduce extreme energy levels, especially if you live in a flat that is not the size of Buckingham Palace?

The answer is:


One of the things I do with my Little Man on days like that is I take him to Kinderplaneta – an indoor playground. I’ve been doing this since he was about 9 months old and no, he’s not to small, he’s really enjoying it big time! What I take care of to make him enjoy the time spent together there is I go there either in the morning or right after his early afternoon nap, before other kids start coming and treading all over each other, I make sure he has eaten before and I put my phone away (!).


The first time I went there with my Little Man, he was holding back a bit, he was a shy and maybe a tiny bit overwhelmed by all the new things around him. It might have been too much to take in at one time but he was also very curious of what other children were doing. He mostly observed everything around him. Since then he has become more and more courageous and yesterday he even loved sliding down for the first time in his life ❤


I like going there too as I can see my baby is happy there – so many things to discover and play with plus so much space to crawl and play around! There’s plenty of space to run for the kids but at the same time not too much so that if you wish to grab a seat for a moment you can still see your child wherever it goes. The place is closed so that the kids or babies can’t just leave the place without being noticed. There’s a „coffee corner” for parents – a selection of snacks and drinks for you and your munchkins and a few tables you can sit down and have a coffee at, There’s also a few sofas for parents around the whole place. In general, you can arrange a little meet up with other mums and their offspring.


Most important of all, it’s a great place for children of different ages. There’s a pool with plastic balls, slides, a merry-go-round, a trampoline, flippers game, an electronic digger your child can dig in plastic balls with, there’s a small climbing wall, a play-house, big lego blocks and plenty of other games and activities.for the young ones. Out of all these attractions, the only one you have to throw an additional coin into is the merry-go-round. Other than that, everything is included in the entrance fee (which I love this place for as Loopy’s World is massive but you have to additionally pay extra for nearly everything inside anyway).


Babies have a closed little fenced playground of their own with toys meant for their age. This is helpful when Kinderplaneta starts getting busy and children get out of control lol! The youngest ones can safely play there if they wish. It’s also placed directly next to the coffee tables so you can have a sip of tea while keeping an eye on what your baby’s doing and staying close at the same time.


The main attraction of the playground is a little train which is started from time to time and takes quite a lot of little passengers. It even takes parents with „folding” abilities lol! together with their happy babies! Our Little Man is quite impressed with the train , he likes watching it as well as being a passenger himself. Kinderplaneta employees always announce start of the train a couple of minutes before it actually leaves so that all the kids have enough time to run and grab a seat for their own.


I would also like to note that all employees of Kinderplaneta in Borek’ Shopping Centre are amazing and very kind and helpful. They’re great fun for the kids, they’re very cheerful, outgoing and dedicated. The staff is also extremely helpful to the parents and very kind to them. Well done guys and thank you for making this place so friendly for our Little Man and other children that come there too!

pobrane (2)

Out of organizational info:

  • You need to have socks on to enter the playground with your child.
  • There are hangers and lockers on the ground floor where you can also leave your baby’s pram or stroller.
  • Children aren’t allowed to carry food around the playground while eating, that’s what the tables are for there.
  • There are toilets directly at the playground.
  • Kinderplaneta organizes birthday parties on their premises.
  • Children under the age of 1 do not pay for entrance.
  • Prices can be found here: price list
  • Website: Kinderplaneta

Other Kinderplaneta’s in Wrocław are based in Arkady, Renoma, Magnolia, Auchan Bielany, Ferio-Gaj, Pasaż Grunwaldzki shopping centre, Sky Tower and Outlet Factory.


Entrance to Kinderplaneta in Borek Shopping Centre

I highly recommend a visit to Kinderplaneta! Both with the smaller and the bigger ones!