About Me


I’m Maja and I’m a MUM or rather MAMA of a now 3,5 year old Little Man I adore and love with all my heart! I’m also a wife to a polish husband and I love both my men to bits.







I’ve been living in Wrocław since year 1993.  I was born and raised in South Africa. Bi-lingually. Both my parents are Polish and originally come from Wrocław.

I work in an international environment and I know that there’s many young parents in Wrocław who can’t speak Polish but just like all other parents, need a helping hand, some advice, parenting tips or just to know that their struggles are actually someone else’s struggles too. Wrocław, like most of Poland, is only beginning to be more international friendly so there’s still a lot of gaps when it comes to communicating. Many websites are not translated yet making it difficult for foreigners to function in our town as they would like to, making parenthood even more confusing.

Since I have passion for writing and helping people I started off with this blog of mine which brings me heaps of happiness every time I see the number of readers from around the whole world reading my posts! Its an amazing feeling that keeps me going and makes me want to give you more and more! Thank you for that!


My posts are based on my own experience, my emotions and feelings. If my post concerns any medical facts evidence etc. it means I have checked them, investigated and read about ( plus my own experience ). I’m not an expert and I’m not trying to be one either.  It’s a personal blog but at the same time I try to smuggle through some interesting facts, places and stories that could be of higher interest to all readers of my blog (:

If you’re a parent, or just a foreigner reading this now, I want this blog to make you feel that you’re not alone here in Wrocław 🙂





Since all photos published on my blog belong to me or my husband (unless stated differently), if anyone uses these pictures without our consent, we will take all necessary legal actions. The property rights of these pictures belong to us and only us. The same relates to everything I write in my blog. Respect.



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