„A Summer’s Day” – Letter to Mommy and Daddy

Hi Mommy Hi Daddy,

It’s very hot today!

Photo from Huffington Post

Do you remember the moment I was born?
You both cried tears of happiness
And swore you’d do everything to protect me!
I didn’t know it yet but I felt so secure.
You brought me home, you put me in my own cot,
You ran to me every time I cried,
You changed my nappies,
You comforted me,
You hugged me,
You sang lullabies to me,
You made me feel secure.

So hot…

Then came first doctor visits,
More and more people started touching me,
I was scared of dogs’ barking
And everything around me seemed so BIG
While I felt so small
But I still felt safe because you were always there
You made me feel secure with every hug and “hush now” you gave me then.


Hot, hot , hot…oh,look, I’ve got funny water drops all over my hands and legs  (:

Mum and Dad, do you remember
When I started moving around the house
And suddenly all furniture began to attack me,
The floor kept looking at me with that “waiting for your forehead” look
And you kept playing around with me because whenever I wanted to grasp something
You took it away just in time for me not to (:
I wasn’t scared of anything then.
I felt safe and secure.
The world was mine!
Thanks to you Mum and Dad.

Ok, it’s not funny anymore, it’s too hot and I can’t breathe well,

Mommy, Daddy, where are you?


My first days at creche
I was sad, I was very sad.
You walked me to the door
Handed me over to a stranger
Waved goodbye and disappeared.
Never in my life was I that sad and scared.
My security broke into pieces.
But don’t worry Mum and Dad,
Those were only the first few days
My security built back with double the strength
Because I realized that you always come back to fetch me
Besides, it’s so much fun there (:

Mommy….Daddy….! ): It’s really hot in this car and I can’t stand it anymore!

I know that you are too busy to play with me sometimes
And I know you are too tired to have fun with me whenever I want to
I know there are things to be done so you can’t follow every single step of mine
And I know I sometimes have to play on my own.
It sometimes frustrates me and I get upset
But I still love you with all my heart
I know that you give me all the strength, attention and love you only can.

But where are you now??? I can’t stand the heat anymore…Mommy, Daddy….
I’ll wait, you probably have something important to do.
I know you’ll be back soon., I know you’ll be back soon…
I know you’ll soon open the car surprising me with a big smile like you always do…
I’ll close my eyes for a moment and when I open them you’ll be here…

Peek-a-boo (: …Peek-a-boo ):


I’ll cry, that always worked, you’ll surely come running like you always did….



(Crying) Mommy , Daddy,  I really need you, please come back, I can’t breathe, I can’t move, it’s so hot, it hurts, it hurts so much. My tummy hurts, my head hurts, my eyes hurt, everything hurts! You never allow anything to hurt me (sobbing ) , I’m scared!


Mommy, Daddy,

I can’t move my hands, I can’t feel my legs, I can’t breathe….I’m tired….I’ll close my eyes for a bit longer, I’ll have a nap and when I wake up you’ll be here, I know it…..you’re always there when I wake up…..




Only several minutes in a closed heated car can kill a child or an elderly person. The temperature in such a car rises rapidly while oxygen levels dramatically fall. A child trapped in a car dies slowly in unbelievably horrible pain. Infants can die within minutes in such a car, even a standard „couple of minutes” can kill an infant or a toddler or in the best case – they can suffer severe health damage.

I am not judging anyone, please just share this with your friends, you never know whom this might help and if you know that you’re overloaded with work and other tasks and you’ve been absent-minded and forgetful recently, leave a toy next to you on the front seat of the car or ask someone to call and check-up on you every now and then….

As for parents who leave babies in a car „just for a couple of minutes” because they need to quickly get something from the shop or get something sorted – there’s no explanation for you!

If you ever see a child trapped in a car in full heat, don’t think twice just break the window and do whatever you can to help the baby/child. You’re covered by Polish law.


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