All I want for Christmas is….

Hi there everyone! I know it’s not even nowhere close to Christmas but what happened to my phone last weeked made me think about this great Christmas campaign from Ikea.

First of all, what happened to my phone?

This is my phone.


I’m guessing the picture speaks for itself – LITTLE TIP FOR FUTURE PARENTS – do not fold your stroller without having checked where your phone is.

Am I heart-broken?


Even more, I’m glad it happened and it even inspired me to write tonight’s short post.

Usually when I forgot my phone at home or it ran out of battery I felt like I was missing something and nearly couldn’t function in a normal way. It’s horrible ! It’s a bit of a confession but yes, like most of today’s population, I’m kind of addicted to my phone!!! And this is what is actually most sad of all, not the broken screen. Whenever I would go to cuddle Little Man to sleep I would take my phone with me and while he was REMing away, I would lay there catching up on my e-mails, FB and such. Gosh, it’s even worse when I see this written down. Also, throughout the day, I’d be checking my phone millions of times, for no reason specific reason. I guess that’s what addiction is all about. Instead of reading a book on the way to work – social portals, instead of meeting up with people – quick catch up over the phone, need to get somewhere? – why ask if you can check it on your phone? I forgot what the name of something was – wait a minute, why think, let me check it on my phone….



I broke the screen on my phone and I’m happy (: !!!

I might be mad but am I really mad?

Is it bad that I’m now really making the most of every moment? That instead of talking to my husband from behind my phone I actually sit down with him and have a proper eye-to-eye conversation? Now, when I cuddle Little Man to sleep I’m there for him 100%, and I read a book to him, I lay and stroke his hair then stare at him until I feel I am ready to go and do whatever I need to do around the house. No pressure, no distraction, just the NOW moment.

As I always say, everything happens for a reason plus better late than never. I’m really enjoying my broken screen. It actually looks quite funny….ok, it looks bad but it really keeps me amused and entertained every time I look at it. It brings a smile to my face as it’s one of those things that remind me of what’s really important in life!

Cherish every moment of your life! Remember you only live once, no extra lives as in Mario Bros or PacMan (yes, I’m part of that „older” generation 😛 )

Why Christmas?

„Christmas” here could actually just as well mean every other day in our life….

If you’re sobbing now – it’s good, it means you got the point….

If not, watch this:

Thanks for your attention!

Now go get a life and enjoy every second of it! (:



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