Arboretum w Wojsławicach – ARBORETUM IN WOJSŁAWICE


The 1st of June was Children’s Day in Poland. Most people buy their children loads of toys that day and spoil them as much as they can. We decided to make this day special in a different way ( at least until Little Man becomes more demanding (: ). Last year we took Little Man to one of our favourite parks in Wrocław – Ogród Staromiejski and took him for a ride on the merry-go-round. This was Little Man’s first Children’s Day last year:


This year, to make the day special, we took a day off at work and we went for a little family trip near Wrocław. We picked the place according to Little Man’s needs – and the biggest need now is lots and lots of space to walk (: Of course he could walk around pretty much anywhere but a) the place has to be safe all over and b) he walks around our neighbourhood every day so it would be great to take him somewhere nice for a change. This time we decided to take Little Man to a beautiful place that is only about 50km from Wrocław. Personally, I think that this is one of Lower Silesia’s pearls and I thought I’d share it here so that more people find out about it. We actually went there last year too and here’s a picture from that day:


Lovely place isn’t it?! This is a photo from this year’s Children’s Day visit:


The magical place is called Arboretum w Wojsławicach which is a Branch of the Botanical Garden of Wrocław University. It’s 2km away from Niemcza, approximately 50km from Wrocław (this is the best route from Wrocław route ). The history of the garden reaches year 1811 and in 1988 it became a branch of Wrocław University’ Botanical Garden. It has always mainly been known of its amazingly big collection of rhododendrons. The gardens occupy an area of 70ha and include 1500 different species of trees, 470 different species of Rhododendrons; they function for research and educational purposes, at the same time being a great tourist attraction.


Thanks to the fact that Arboretum is Wrocław University’s branch, everything is precisely described, the plants are nurtured on daily basis and the place is looked after extremely well! Each plant, flower and tree have a nameplate on it.


You can rent virtual tour headphones or order a guide. There’s an onsight gallery with historical photos and documentation of the garden. The Arboretum also owns quite a big collections of farming utensils, garden tools and home devices used over the past couple of centuries and everything is kept outside for all visitors to see.


The place is very big and everyone will find something interesting. At the entrance there’s a square, or rather circus to be precise, with plenty of tables and benches to sit and have some food. You can bring your own food or buy something there. However, truthfuly speaking, I’d recommend bringing your own food as there’s either a stall with fast-food type of munchies at the entrance area or a barbecue (braai 😉 place deeper in the garden. Next to the barbecue, there’s a little shop – kiosk with ice-cream and waffles. If you’re thinking of organizing an outing for your employees or something, there’s a massive wig-wam with a fireplace you can rent. The Arboretum also has a nice new playground for children and again, plenty of benches located all around the gardens.


Arboretum in Wojsławice is disabled and children friendly. There’s a toilet for the disabled with space where you can change your baby’s nappy. There’s also a new path for weelchairs and strollers but unfortunately, it’s not long and it only reaches a very small part of the Arboretum.


If you’re going with a typical small stroller, I’m afraid you’ll have to stick to this path wherever it leads to. Other than that you should either take an all terrain kind of pushchair with pumped wheels or a baby-carrier as the paths are quite problematic when it comes to wheels. Theres gravel and stairs but also some typical pavements or grass depending on which section of the garden you’re exploring at the moment.


Little Man loved the place truly. He walked around carefuly, he climbed on a few benches, he walked over a little bridge and back about 50 times, he played on the grass and got all excited about an extremely cute family of ducks!


Little Man has also found his favourite plant out of the whole variety around him (and mind me, he observed a lot of them carefully as he simply likes trees, plants and flowers…). The plant was as soft as baby hair. I couldn’t stop touching the plant and so did Little Man. He kept stroking the leaves and we couldn’t get him away from it!


I’m 100% sure we’ll be visiting this Arboretum over and over again whenever we have time and possibilty to do so. We’re enchanted with the views, the smell of the garden, the whole place itself. We highly recommend everyone to go there! If you’re still thinking – just go! 😉 Without any doubt, you’ll enjoy it regardless of whether you’re a botanic lover or not!



Practical information:

CAR PARK – there’s a huge car park right in front of the entrance.


Tickets can be bought at the entrance between 9-18:00. The price includes car park, toilet, wi-fi, exhibitions and guided lectures held on a given day.

Regular ticket 15PLN (or 5 entries for the price of 4 – 60PLN)

Students, pupils, seniors beyond the age of 65, disabled and their carers – 10PLN (or 5 entries for the price of 4 – 40PLN)

Families with many children – 50PLN if you have the Big Family Card ( Karta Dużej Rodziny)

Season ticket – 250PLN

Children under the age of 4 – FREE

If you’re interested in renting the fireplace wig-wam, 2h – 100PLN (tel. 696137984)


The Arboretum is open for visitors until the 25th of October this year (from the 19th of April), daily from 9-20:00 including bank holidays. If you hear a bell ring, it means you have 15minutes to leave the gardens before the gate closes for the night.






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