Mother’s Day 26th May

Each country across the world has it’s own date for Mother’s Day. In Poland it’s the 26th of May – ever since 1914 when it was first celebrated in Kraków / Cracow. Mothers in Poland usually receive cards, flowers and other gifts and most creches and pre-schools organize performances for this occasion.

This was my first Mother’s Day last year….


Little Man was only 5 months old! ❤

Today, 12 months on, I received my first ever handmade Mother’s Day card from Little Man and I was absolutely moved! Dad helped a little, but only a little of course (;  (Personally though, I believe that Little Man thought Mother’s Day was yesterday because that’s when he gave me his very first kiss!)


These are only a couple out of millions of little things that make motherhood so special. I’m absolutely honored to be a Mum of such a special Little Man and I’m happy there’s still so many beautiful moments ahead of us, while all that has already passed by is treasured in my heart forever! Each day as a mum brings me a new lesson to learn and I have a feeling that each and every day with my Little Man brings me more and more love for him every time I look at him or hold him in my arms! Being a mum is impossible to describe. It carries along so many ups and downs, many hopes and fears, many struggles and wins, loads of feelings and emotions yet it’s the best thing that could have ever happened to me!

And there are no words for how much I am grateful and thankful to my Mum for giving me life so that I could become a Mum myself one day. Thank you Maminka ❤


Happy Mother’s Day fellow Mums in Wrocław (and not only) town! May you always remember how blessed you are to be a Mum (:



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