Little Man’s First Haircut! / Children’s Hairdresser’s in Wrocław/

For the past few months I was doing everything to postpone Little Man’s first haircut. He had small curls at the bottom-back of his head and I loved to tousle them any time we played, when he was passing by, when I was cuddling him to sleep, breastfeeding…pretty much always! Not to mention how cute he looked! My husband liked those curls too, up to the moment when passers-by started saying “what a lovely little girl”….He has been teasing me for a long time asking me provocatively every now and then “sooo, when are we going to the hairdresser’s with him?” but after hearing what a pretty daughter he has for the Xth time, the teasy question turned into a short statement – we have to get Little Man’s hair cut. A man will never really understand why it is so difficult for a woman to get her “little baby’s” first hair cut. A first haircut is not just a haircut. Isn’t it obvious? – No. It’s not. Why? Because men are from Mars and woman are from Venus but that’s a different story…

I would have probably still fought for Little Man’s first hair as I wasn’t disturbed by all those people mistaking Little Man with a girl but all in all I had to lay down arms because the main problem was that Little Man’s hair, at the back of his head were slowly turning into a cosy looking birds nest. They were getting tangled up every time Little Man was sleeping and even though it was possible to disentangle them, it was totally impossible to smooth them out so Little Man ended up having this massive mess at the back of his head. Proof:


For me as a mum, this was another BIG step in our life, or rather my life as Little Man was all easy with it. He kind of didn’t even notice what happened. Bless him, my cute little bean ❤

Anyway, I was all emotional and fragile, probably also because I was about to return to work and leave Little Man at home 3 days later so I guess that the hairdresser just topped up my emotional swing. I was just about to “cut the cord” and I felt like I was about to cut it in two hard goes. Like as if the scissors weren’t sharp enough… don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t making a soap opera kind of massive hassle out of it because I am aware and do feel blessed knowing that this was my only problem at that time, but this is what was actually going on in my heart and my head and there was nothing I could do to change it.

One of those teary mum – child stages I had to go through I guess…

Funny enough, as much as I’m getting used to the fact that I have to work leaving Little Man behind for part of the day every day, I still didn’t really seem to get over those curls!!! ):

Little Man on his way to get his first ever haircut <3

Little Man on his way to get his first ever haircut ❤

Where did we go?

We went to Fryzurkowo on Skrzydlata Street.

How did we like it?

It was ok. Meaning ok dot and nothing more. The place has all facilities needed to keep a toddler busy while his or her hair is being cut. It’s very colourful with lots of toys, tvs, themed seats (Little Man was seated in a car for safety reasons). I’m sure that Little Man enjoyed it as he didn’t even notice the tv was on until we were getting of the seat (unbelievable!). The lady that took care of Little Man’s hair was nice, she was telling me what to do to keep him busy and was very quick, yet precise. I’m also glad she actually listened to what we wanted his hair to look like. At the end, Little Man received a diploma with his curl and he got to pick a toy for himself before we left.

The whole visit was about 15-20 minutes long….



Was there anything we would change?

Yes. Although the lady dealing with Little Man’s hair was very kind, she simply dissapeared once finished (we also thought she would at least introduce herself to Little Man at the beginning but nothing like that happened) and we had an overall feeling of disturbing everyone in this place. The atmosphere was very neutral, unlike expected to be in a place where you go with children really. So if there was something we could change, it would be the employees’ attitude – customer service in general. We’re talking about child- centered services here, so it’s important that a hairdresser is good with babies, toddlers and children. Little Man wasn’t bothered now but as he grows he will surely need a hairdresser who’s friendly, funny, who will actually speak to him and make him feel comfortable and relaxed where he is.

How much did we pay?

30PLN for a boy’s haircut including diploma and toy (35PLN for a girl’s haircut)

Would we recommend this place to others?

If it wasn’t for the general attitude of the employees – definitely yes!

Another place we could have gone to was…

„Fryzjerek” in Magnolia Park

Or any hairdresser’s around actually because remember- it’s not always about catchy gimmicks!

Maybe next time (:

Little Man with short hair, straight after getting his first ever haircut <3

Little Man with short hair, straight after getting his first ever haircut ❤



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