Blogging again!

Hi there!

Here I am again, after a long 3 months break from blogging, I’m back. Actually, we’re back – me and my Little Man. To be honest, I thought my blog would kind of become forgotten, more and more with every month that passed but nope!!! Instead, I’m getting new views and likes every day. Well ok, maybe not that spectacularly but still!!! I’m really happy to see this happening and it was actually the main trigger for me to finally get a new laptop, regather myself again, find time and start off full steam with a new post.
I wasn’t sure what to start with so I thought I’d just go with the flow this time.
What have we been up to over the past few months?
Well, I was making the most out of my time at home with Little Man as I have just returned to work now. A lot of mixed feelings as you might guess but that’s just life. Anyway, Little Man is quite a Big Man now! Like all of us, he has his ups and downs. He’s also beginning to have his own views and opinions and unluckily for us, they are really strong views lol! Most of all though, he’s a lovely, happy little toddler exploring the world around him, he absolutely loves stairs (!!!) and unrolling toilet paper rolls (!!!), he likes sharing his food (both with people and the floor), he enjoys helping out with house chores, he likes playing hide-n-seek, he absolutely adores cats and dogs and he still likes playing and listening to drums. Little Man is also beginning to talk a lot – in his own language but still, it’s amazing to listen to him and know that he’s got so much to tell us ❤

Moreover, Little Man has just had his first haircut – that was a hard decision to make for me ( those curls…) but I’m afraid I had to make this step as he had a big tangled up bunch of hair at the back of his head every morning (ok, throughout the day too….ok,he had it all the time..) plus the curls were making him a bit hot so it happened, Little Man went to a hairdresser and he was so brave! So unlike his mum!


Little Man heading towards the hairdresser.

We also got a new stroller in the meantime. An amazingly great stroller, so great that I regret we hadn’t bought it sooner! Be sure to read a review here some day. I’ll also add a post about the hairdresser as it’s a hairdresser dedicated for children. And I do have in mind that I still owe you a few posts about hospitals in Wrocław so won’t be promising anything now as the last time I promised these posts, both mine and my husband’s computers broke down lol!

Before I returned to work I got to spend some quality time with Little Man, we spent a couple of weeks in the countryside, in a small village near the mountains, next to a few lakes, in a house with STAIRS!!! lol! I loved it and Little Man seemed to be very happy with where he is too. He was mastering his uphill and downhill walking skills and he got to see a lot of different farm animals around. He looked really cute discovering all the small things you don’t see living in a city! This getaway helped me unstress a bit before all the changes that were so close by that time and it was surely a great end to my maternity leave – by the way, I can’t believe it’s over ! But it is. Life is moving on, we’re moving on, however life will never be the same again because now there’s an awesome Little Man that brings that magic sparkle to every single day of our life!

I couldn’t be more thankful to God for that!

And I’m glad to be back!

And I’m looking forward to comments from all of you!


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