Which hospital should I choose to give birth? ( Wrocław )

Which hospital should I choose to give birth? This is a question every young mum asks herself and a question everyone else around asks her, to make it even more difficult I guess (;  (Unless you’ve decided to give birth at home, then that is a great topic for a seperate post in the future.)

Maternity Room: Push, Push, Push.

Choosing the „right” hospital is a very difficult decision to make as all of us would want our babies to be born healthy and in a nice environment and atmosphere. „Nice” usually means that a woman expects a kind and helpful midwife to be present at birth, she actually expects everyone around to be nice (which shouldn’t be a surprise but unfortunately in Poland often is); she would like to give birth in a seperate room (not behind a curtain separating her from another woman in labour) with labour enhancing equipment like balls, ladders etc. ; she would expect to have a seperate bathroom in her labour room; she wants to be given the choice of birth position, anaesthetic and who she would like have next to her during birth. These are very general points and maybe obvious for some, but trust me, in Wrocław it’s difficult to find a hospital that would fulfill all the ecpectations above. And I haven’t even mentioned anything about the postnatal ward…

It must be even more difficult for a foreigner to make this decision here and that is why I decided to start a series of posts describing Wrocław’ hospitals with labour wards included in National Health Fund. Each hospital will be described in general and each post will contain a short opinion of a couple or maybe a few mums who have given birth in this hospital – both positive and negative opinions so that you can compare them.

If you’re one of those mums still deciding what to do, I’d be grateful for any questions you might have regarding labour wards in Wrocław so that I can answer them in my posts too. If you need any very specific information, let me know and I will help you find the answer or I will simply find out for you. Any suggestions will be appreciated! You can comment below or e-mail me at englishmuminwroclawtown@gmail.com



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