Our Birth Story

Oh yes ! A blog like this can’t exist without THE story. The truth is most mums love sharing their birth stories over and over again until everyone around knows them by heart. I’m not any different…surprise? Not. I think we do it because birth is one of those moments in a woman’s life that outshine any other events. Wait! It’s actually not even a moment! Birth is both the end and beginning to something ever so special, something that lasts for a lifetime and carries along such a luggage of emotions and experience that it just can’t be pigeonholed as „the past”. Off we go then….

Christmas 2013, a few days before Little Man was born...you can actually see he was really comfortable and cosy in there as my belly is still up high even though already lower than it was!

Christmas 2013, a couple of days before Little Man was born… You can hardly see the christmas tree lol

My due date was the 16th of December. However I think that my doctor jinxed the actual birth date as the day he told me I was pregnant, basing his calculations purely on the last date of my period, he said that Little Man would be due on the 24th of December. We both laughed out loud then….Little Man was born two days later than first suggested (:

Anyway, Little Man must have been very comfortable in my tummy as he didn’t really feel like honouring us with his presence on the other side of it. Neither on the 16th, nor on the 17th, not even a week later so I received a referral to hospital dated 24th of December! Even though I couldn’t wait to meet our Little Man in person, a vision of spending Christmas Eve in hospital wasn’t comforting because on the 24th of December hospitals deal only with emergencies and births that have already begun so they wouldn’t have done anything anyway (induction in my case). While everyone else was getting ready for Christmas Eve, I was getting ready for hospital. I went there with my husband and my mum. We waited and waited, and waited… We spent about 4 hours waiting outside the emergency room before a doctor came down to examine me. I will always be very thankful for this lady! She was very kind, full of empathy and understanding, and she did everything to show me Little Man’s face in 4D, in the emergency room!!! (In Poland it’s very rare, I was actually surprised they have such an option there but I guess it’s due to the fact that you hardly ever meet anyone so kind in the local emergency room – sad but true). I wanted to take a photo because she wasn’t able to print the picture  – the doctor not only allowed me to do so but also told me to go and fetch my husband to come in and have a look on the screen himself, in the end asking me to lie down again so that we could have another peek-a-boo at our Little Man. So there I was lying again, looking at Little Man sucking his fingers and moving his lips, together with my husband and a nurse that couldn’t stop looking either. They said it was the first time they could see a baby so well in 4D picture. We loved it! This is the picture I took then

Little Man <3

Little Man ❤

I was really lucky she was on duty when I entered the emergency room as she ensured me there was nothing happening, no birth symptoms, no cramps, Little Man was happily snuggled in so she let me go home and told me to come back the next day, this time „for good”. And so I did, I went home and had a lovely Christmas dinner with my family and I could still eat everything yaaaay! ( omniom mniom mniom ) lol

We returned to hospital next morning. Again a long wait, a very unpleasant examination in the emergency room this time ): and I was placed in pathology ward at around 2pm. Since I was 9 days overdue, they immediately decided to induce labour with the use of Folley’s catheter. I was surprised and unprepared as I only got to the ward. I spoke to a doctor and she suggested I agree and so I did. If it was today, I would have probably asked them to first examine my foeatal waters etc.and depending on the tests I would have probably decided to wait a few more days because only now I’m more aware of when labour should be induced and why. On the other hand we’re meant to trust doctors …

At around 6pm I started feeling my first contractions, they were still weak so I waited…at around 7pm they got a bit more painful and then….and then someone knocked at the door and in came my whole family!!! lol That was really sweet of them but my dear, have they got the right time instinct lol

At 9pm I felt the contractions were regular, every 10 minutes with a watch in my hand. The moment I realized they’re regular I quickly munched on a piece of cheesecake! (;

At midnight the pain got so unbearable I asked them to remove the catheter. They removed it an hour later and told me to try and get a bit more rest. At 2am I was moved to the labour ward. I called my husband and told him it started and I still can’t believe how quick he got there, with a taxi (!)

My husband was with me all the time. He left the room only when asked to do so every time they wanted to examine me.It was nice they actually asked him to wait outside then. I could use the shower (I didn’t want to get out (: ! ), I had a fitness ball (I remember sitting on the ball, falling asleep and then when I felt another contraction was coming I said „I wish someone could cut the lower part of my body off and leave it here while I’d go home on my hands…..” lol), there was a midwife keeping an eye on me and Little Man every now and then, instructing me what to do; my husband was there for me, moisturizing my lips with a chapstick, trying to give me water (my body unfortunately didn’t want to accept it so I was put on a drip) and making sure I breathe like they taught us at birth school

And so it happened, first they quickly stopped the effect of oxitocine, next epidural, preparation for surgery, 15minutes and I was rushed to the surgery ward with a quick kiss from my husband on the way….

At 10am I heard the first cry of Little Man and that was the most beautiful moment in my life! I heard the nurse saying „without a doubt this will be 10 Apgar points” – that was the moment Little Man was passed from the doctor’s hands to the nurse, before I could even see him and before the nurse actually examined him (: I was just happy he was healthy and fine! A couple of minutes later they layed him down on my chest, he was crying so loud but the moment his skin touched mine he went silent just looking at me with his massive dark eyes


57cm and 3820 grams of love and happiness was there with us! Our Little Man ❤


A very happy and proud DAD


High five! Finally leaving hospital 🙂

Today, Little Man continues to give us even more centimetres and kilograms of love and happiness, he’s the joy and the meaning of our life, he’s a healthy Little Man and I thank God for him every single day ❤


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