Jingle all the way…. a short story about December

December, Christmas Time, Little Man’s first birthday New Year’s Eve, January 2015…what? When did that happen?

Helloooo,where are you??? Searching for December..

Helloooo,where are you??? Searching for December..

I was so busy in December I didn’t even manage to write a new post! I also didn’t get much sleep and rest so I nearly fainted the day I woke up and had NOTHING to do. The day after Christmas time, when all my mother-missions were complete, my body went through a little bit of a shock. Luckily my husband was at home so I slept the whole day through with both my Little Man and Big Man checking up on me every now and then ❤ Even my laptop was shocked when I switched it on a couple of days ago, finally, after about 2 weeks of break … and the moment I did, it decided to break down, for good ):

Well, as they say, shit happens so here I am, writing a post on my husband’s computer but „remember, don’t download anything, don’t touch this or use this….” lol Yep, I still love him ❤

So, how was our December? Crazy!!! There was a few other things going on in the family too but I, as a mum, wanted the first Christmas of our super Little Man to be super sweet and memorable, and so did I want his birthday to be! I first thought, ok, we won’t be going over the top but then…..

Presents – that was the easiest bit as I’ve ordered them earlier. What I’ve ordered last was Little Man’s birthday outfit and birthday decorations. That left me stressing until the day before Christmas when I received the last parcel…ufff

Christmas shopping – mid December I think „I’ll go with my husband to make things easier” but as if on purpose, my husband has to stay overtime nearly every day reaching home late evening; a few days later I think „when hub gets home he’ll stay with Little Man while I go shopping” so I go shopping, I reach the shop, I pick up the first item from my very long list and get a phone call „please come home, Little Man can’t stop crying” (separation anxiety); three days before Christmas I start panicking – luckily mu mum manages to take care of Little Man for a few hours so I finally bought what I needed.

Cleaning the house – that’s a bit of a mission with a baby at your side ( meaning literally clinged to your leg) especially when you’ve planned thorough cleaning of the house including all windows and sorting of clothes and other stuff plus your husband stays overtime every day and then you find out he has to go to work on Saturday too (exceptionally…of course exceptions always find their right time to happen). Remember – if you have a baby at the age of nearly one (crawling, beginning to walk, separation anxiety and other) plan to start any thorough cleaning a month ahead of any special events (; Unless you have a helping hand.

Cooking – bearing in mind that Little Man crawls a lot, walks along all cupboards and loves spending time really close (!) to me, the best cooking time for me was when he was asleep. As you know, I did Christmas shopping three days before Christmas. That left me with two nights of cooking … minus the first night as Little Man didn’t fall asleep untill 10pm so I finished cleaning the house and … and went to sleep. All in all I ended up on cooking most of the next night, looking like a zombie on Christmas morning (: I still enjoy cooking though!

Christmas Eve – WIGILIA – just on time, just perfect, our first Christmas with our Little Man!

A special Christmas bauble for our Little Man :)

Little Man’s special Christmas bauble 🙂

First Day of Christmas  – that always used to be the most relaxing day of all for us. Not this time (: Little Man was born on the Second Day of Christmas and that’s when we decided to gather our whole family in our tiny little flat to celebrate together (: Before the celebrations though, we had to redecorate the place, move some furniture around, prepare decorations and put them up, put together Little Man’s present to await him in the morning, prepare food…busy busy busy!

Second Day of Christmas – yaaaay, Little Man turned one!!! We collected his cake in the morning (My post about cakes Who wants some cake? ), we organized birthday balloons with helium, the turkey was in the oven since early morning, Little Man got some sleep, Little Man dressed, Hub dressed, Me dressed (; Guests and loads of happiness ❤


I was well tired but it was all definitely worth it! It’s not that your baby turns one every day….For me it was a very emotional day and I think that’s what used up all the rest of my energy, emotions, a mixture of pure happiness, pride and a tiny bit of sentimental sadness that the time has passed so quick… ❤ But that’s what my next post is going to be about (:

As for New Years’, it was great! Spent with some of our loved ones, quietly but joyfully! Our Little Man and his tiny little cousin waited with us till midnight. Of course we didn’t force them to but I think they felt the atmosphere and didn’t want to miss out on anything making sure we have loads of other attractions in the meantime too (; Cheeky little monkeys ❤ (;  lol


We entered year 2015 with a burst of laughter and as they say…the way you start the year is what your year is going to be like so I’m waiting for loads of laughter and joy hopefully awaiting us and all of you dearest readers in this New Year!



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