Dear Santa…


Last weekend we organized Mikołajki for the youngest members of our family. My husband was dressed as Santa, and me and my sister-in-law were his elves. We thought – why not make our babies enjoy the magic touch of Christmas time right from the start?


Our Little Man was absolutely thrilled and fascinated with Santa stepping through the door. His jaw dropped and he kept following Santa with his very wide open eyes! However he did have a couple of soft moments and nearly started crying even though I was right next to him ❤ Bless him! His tiny little cousin loved Santa to the point of cuddling into his beard (: So cute!

Anyway, it was a lovely evening, and I’m sure it left a tiny touch of magic in our babies’ hearts.


But then, it also left me thinking about something.

My nephew joined us too, he also received a gift from Santa (; He’s 8 years old. He was playing with his new toy after Santa left and asked me: „How on earth did uncle know I wanted this toy? I wrote it in my letter to Santa only last night?!How is that possible aunty?”

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„Well sorry kid, it’s because there’s actually no Santa. Dad read your letter and bought the gift, gave it to uncle and here it is right now in your hands. Happy?”

Relax, of course I didn’t say that! But I am aware that some parents making sure they follow the rules of raising children in total truth about life take it a step too far and tell them the most cruel truths because it’s fair. I’m not saying we should lie to our children. Absolutely not! But a tip of magic in life is surely required!


I believed in Santa when I was little (to be honest I still believe in Santa somewhere out there 😛 ), I believed in dwarves, in the tooth-fairy and many other little strange creatures like Gremlins lol I surely believed in a lot more things I don’t remember now and surely DO NOT exist but why not? That was part of my childhood that definitely developed my imagination and creativity and I’m 100% sure it made my childhood filled with joy even more than it was. It made my childhood full. I actually can’t really imagine my childhood without believing in „things”….

What I told my nephew is „Listen, Santa read your letter and must have told uncle what it said. Uncle is one of Santa’s helpers as there is no chance for Santa to visit every single house in person…To be honest I know nothing more as Santa asked uncle to keep everything in secret no matter what so that is all I know. But you can be sure that Santa read your letter” 😉

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As for me, I don’t see any point in telling children the truth about Santa . They might find out the truth on their own one day, maybe they will hear someone else talking about it, maybe they will keep believing in Santa having helpers all around the world…? Regardless, dearest parents, please don’t take all the magic out of your children’s life. It’s a child’s right to believe in non-existing things or simply in magic. Why not keep it this way and make sure our children have a magical childhood…? It really doesn’t take much to leave a few cookies and some milk for Santa with the help of your kids…


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