Kinderplaneta – Kids just wanna have fun :)

Winter is approaching, it’s slowly getting really cold outside and mums in Wrocław don’t spend as much time outside walking their babies as they used to until not so long ago. Of course I still recommend everyday walks but sometimes the temperature drops so low that it’s rather best to stay at home or go for a very short walk. But what to do with a baby all day long at home, how to keep it busy and help reduce extreme energy levels, especially if you live in a flat that is not the size of Buckingham Palace?

The answer is:


One of the things I do with my Little Man on days like that is I take him to Kinderplaneta – an indoor playground. I’ve been doing this since he was about 9 months old and no, he’s not to small, he’s really enjoying it big time! What I take care of to make him enjoy the time spent together there is I go there either in the morning or right after his early afternoon nap, before other kids start coming and treading all over each other, I make sure he has eaten before and I put my phone away (!).


The first time I went there with my Little Man, he was holding back a bit, he was a shy and maybe a tiny bit overwhelmed by all the new things around him. It might have been too much to take in at one time but he was also very curious of what other children were doing. He mostly observed everything around him. Since then he has become more and more courageous and yesterday he even loved sliding down for the first time in his life ❤


I like going there too as I can see my baby is happy there – so many things to discover and play with plus so much space to crawl and play around! There’s plenty of space to run for the kids but at the same time not too much so that if you wish to grab a seat for a moment you can still see your child wherever it goes. The place is closed so that the kids or babies can’t just leave the place without being noticed. There’s a „coffee corner” for parents – a selection of snacks and drinks for you and your munchkins and a few tables you can sit down and have a coffee at, There’s also a few sofas for parents around the whole place. In general, you can arrange a little meet up with other mums and their offspring.


Most important of all, it’s a great place for children of different ages. There’s a pool with plastic balls, slides, a merry-go-round, a trampoline, flippers game, an electronic digger your child can dig in plastic balls with, there’s a small climbing wall, a play-house, big lego blocks and plenty of other games and activities.for the young ones. Out of all these attractions, the only one you have to throw an additional coin into is the merry-go-round. Other than that, everything is included in the entrance fee (which I love this place for as Loopy’s World is massive but you have to additionally pay extra for nearly everything inside anyway).


Babies have a closed little fenced playground of their own with toys meant for their age. This is helpful when Kinderplaneta starts getting busy and children get out of control lol! The youngest ones can safely play there if they wish. It’s also placed directly next to the coffee tables so you can have a sip of tea while keeping an eye on what your baby’s doing and staying close at the same time.


The main attraction of the playground is a little train which is started from time to time and takes quite a lot of little passengers. It even takes parents with „folding” abilities lol! together with their happy babies! Our Little Man is quite impressed with the train , he likes watching it as well as being a passenger himself. Kinderplaneta employees always announce start of the train a couple of minutes before it actually leaves so that all the kids have enough time to run and grab a seat for their own.


I would also like to note that all employees of Kinderplaneta in Borek’ Shopping Centre are amazing and very kind and helpful. They’re great fun for the kids, they’re very cheerful, outgoing and dedicated. The staff is also extremely helpful to the parents and very kind to them. Well done guys and thank you for making this place so friendly for our Little Man and other children that come there too!

pobrane (2)

Out of organizational info:

  • You need to have socks on to enter the playground with your child.
  • There are hangers and lockers on the ground floor where you can also leave your baby’s pram or stroller.
  • Children aren’t allowed to carry food around the playground while eating, that’s what the tables are for there.
  • There are toilets directly at the playground.
  • Kinderplaneta organizes birthday parties on their premises.
  • Children under the age of 1 do not pay for entrance.
  • Prices can be found here: price list
  • Website: Kinderplaneta

Other Kinderplaneta’s in Wrocław are based in Arkady, Renoma, Magnolia, Auchan Bielany, Ferio-Gaj, Pasaż Grunwaldzki shopping centre, Sky Tower and Outlet Factory.


Entrance to Kinderplaneta in Borek Shopping Centre

I highly recommend a visit to Kinderplaneta! Both with the smaller and the bigger ones!


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