Independence Day in Poland – a tribute to those who fought

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Dear Grandfathers and Grandmothers, Great Grandfathers and Great Grandmothers, and all further ancestors of mine.

I never had the chance but I would like to thank you all for what you did for Poland !

I’m not even able to imagine what you all went through during your shorter or longer lives. Some of you have told me stories you were part of during WW II but I was too young to understand that you did it all for us in the end. It’s only recently that I really started appreciating the life I live in Poland. Yes, I’m a bit wiser than I used to be (; Maybe it’s because I’m a mother now and when I look at my baby I don’t want anything bad to happen to him….

Some people concentrate on the politics around Independence Day, on hanging out a flag in the window, on partying on the 10th because the 11th is a day off from work…..well, I sat in the park today and thought of you, all my ancestors.


First of all, because I miss you my Grannies and Grandpas! ❤

Secondly, I live in a country that is independent thanks to all of you. And I feel it every day, not only today but since today is Independence Day, I feel it even more.

We woke up – not to the sound of sirens and alarms, shots or bombing – we woke up because our Little Man woke us up (:

We didn’t have to rush, run, hide – we stayed in bed and played around with our Little Man laughing out loud so much!

We then had breakfast. We opened our fridge and had a big choice of what we could have for breakfast, a choice out of a range of products we bought in a shopping centre where we had an even bigger choice of products…we didn’t have to fight for our food, eat leftovers or share half a slice of bread, leaving the other half for dinner..

We then went for a long walk to the park, leaving our flat behind, knowing that it would be there once we’re back. We didn’t have to fear that we could get shot, bombed, killed or taken to a concentration camp. We also knew that we would walk back to our home together. The park was quiet, people were relaxed, children were playing at the playground, nobody had to think about how to survive the day, what to eat, where to sleep or about what happened to other members of the family, whether they’re still alive.

When we got home, our Little Man happily crawled to his toys, he always does that giving us a massive smile  – he feels safe because he knows it’s his home. No matter all the toys, the smile he gives us the moment we put the key in the hole – priceless! Our Little Man feels safe – absolutely priceless!!

My boys are  fast asleep. It’s very quiet again, no shots and crying for help, I’m going to bed in a minute too and I feel safe. Safety gives us all happiness and I really appreciate it!


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You’re now probably thinking, „Grandfathers, Grandmothers”? Independence was won in 1918!

Yes, I know. My  grandparents and their families, loved ones and friends fought during WW II    NOT to lose the Independence Poland won in 1918.

Life wasn’t as easy for them as it is for us now. My beloved late Granny spent a year in coma because she got hit with a rifle by a Russian soldier. One of my uncles’ didn’t come back from Auschwitz concentration camp…. My Great Grandfather was killed right across the street from my Granny – she had to run, otherwise they would have shot her too, She never had the chance to say goodbye to her own Father ): ….

I wish all people remembered that there’s so much more to Independence Day than just marches, processions and sadly, demonstrations…..

If you want to read some historical facts about Independence Day in Poland click on the link below:

National Independence Day in Polandy


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