Labirynt w Kobierzycach – Cornfield Maze in Kobierzyce

IMG_3687This time we visited the cornfield maze in Kobierzyce near Wrocław and I wanted to share some photos with you, as well as information about the whole project.

First of all, this is a short film showing pictures of the maze – it does look impressive!

The maze is located about 20km from the centre of Wrocław, in Kobierzyce. There are no signs and no gps location but it’s very easy to find as it’s right at the „beginning” of Kobierzyce (driving from Wrocław), on the left hand side of national road number 8. Plenty of cars parked near the road will direct you where to go (; If you plan to get there using public transport, it’s possible too. You can take bus number 862 from the Main Station in Wrocław (Dworzec Główny PKP) or buses  872, 882, 892 and 852 from terminal Krzyki (pętla Krzyki). Once you reach Kobierzyce, you will have to walk down the road towards Magnice to get to the maze.

The maze was opened on the 21st of September. It was created by a company called „Nasiona Kobierzyc” ( a company that sells high quality seeds) in order to promote corn, to remind people about how tasty and healthy it is. And fun too (: The maze was made out of a 100 thousand plants measuring 3 metres. They were planted in 13 circles on a 1,5 hectare field which is now an attraction for both adults and children of course. It takes about 40 minutes to walk through the labirynth. It’s open to all visitors and there is no entrance fee. Since there are no opening hours, the organisers kindly ask not to come at night, when it’s dark as that is when wild boars – fans of corn – visit the maze!

IMPORTANT INFO – there are no facilities like restaurants, shops or toilets.

Me and my family all enjoyed it, though I must honestly admit that the little ones had the most fun out of it (; Maybe if we went there sooner, when the corn plants were still green, it would have been different and much nicer. Nevertheless, I still think it’s a great idea and I recommend it for a lovely autumn walk with your children. It’s something new in Poland and I’m glad people are beginning to appreciate such places.

IMPORTANT INFO! – If you’re planning to visit the maze this year, you have to hurry up because it’s open only until the end of October! After that time combine harvesters will chop the crops leaving no sign of the maze behind.

  • Below – entrance right from the car park – after a rainy day it’s worth taking your wellies with you!


  • Then you get to a field with a couple of funny hay characters (:


  • Entrance – at your own risk (;





  • Our Little Man enjoyed touching the leaves and corncobs a lot !!!  Our Little Discoverer ❤


  • At the end you get to the middle of the maze; if you’re planning to go there with your children it might be worth considering taking a little treat as a prize for completing the maze as there is absolutely nothing there. It’s actually a shame that they didn’t think of placing anything nice inside like a funny photo stand so that people could at least take a nice picture back home as a souvenir…or something like that?


  • Watch your step, it’s quite easy to get to a dead end like this one (:


Now it’s your turn! Visit the maze before they chop it down and try not to get lost (; ENJOY!


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