Grabiszyński Park in Wrocław

Hi there!

I’m back with another post for you, another post about another park in Wrocław. The weather has been lovely and should stay the same for a while so I recommend a nice walk in Grabiszyński Park.


If you have a tiny baby, the park will keep you busy while the baby is fast asleep. You’ll find yourself in a very relaxed environment with a whole lot of paths and routes to choose from. I regret that I haven’t ever taken my pedometer with me! When our Little Man was born, I would walk long hours around the park while he…slept. Bliss….but that’s the past lol! (: Now we still often explore Grabiszyński Park but in a different way obviously, watching animals passing by…and their owners too of course (no moving object must be missed!), children playing around, we go swinging at the playground and watch trees (our Little Man still loves trees) plus now we have extra attractions as we can look at leaves falling off the trees (; Some time later we will be watching squirrels and using the playground like mad I guess…

To the point, there’s a bit of something here for everyone! The only thing that’s missing in my opinion is a place to sit and have a snack with tea, or they could at least open some kind of coffee stand?

As I said, the weather has been great so we decided to go for a walk to Grabiszyński Park to take some photos for you. OK, I decided (; I was very proud of my Little Man as we walked all over the park for about 4 hours with only two pit stops on the way.

I’ve got plenty of photos for you this time but before I start adding them, here’s a bit of Wikipedia information for you:

Grabiszyński Park was formed on a territory that used to be a cemetery a long time ago. Now, Grabiszyński Cemetery is nearby, surrounded by a wall and the only remainders of the old cemetery that you will find in the park are – a small enclave with tiny graves of Polish and German children (thirties and fourties of the XX century), a fenced off small cemetery of Italian soldiers from the times of World War I and a cemetary of Polish soldiers right at the top of a hill which ends the park in Oporów district. (I will further call this hill „Oporów Hill” as that is what it’s commonly called). The park has 48 hectares and has been divided into two parts – the North starting from Aleja Generała Józefa Hallera and the South along river Ślęza.Both parts are seperated by a closed area that belongs to an establishment of green spaces and at the same time they are connected in the East by a lovely path named Eugeniusz Romer’ Avenue. The South part of the park is also connected to green paths that lead all the way to Mała Sobótka Hill near Skarbowców Street usually called and known as „Górka Skarbowców” (Skarbowców Hill). Moreover, the park is situated between two small rivers – Ślęza and Grabiszynka.,16.9848411,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x470fc1887570e4d1:0xcbc8b65764ed8ef5

The main attractions of the park are Linden Avenue, playgrounds for children (I’ve counted four of them – please correct me if I missed out on any other playground?), keep-fit trails (two of them, one near Oporów’ Hill with an open-air gym and one next to Mała Sobótka Hill), lovely clearings where people spend their time having picnics, barbeques, playing games or relaxing on their blankets, a small golf pitch (right next to Oporów’ Hill), a nice running route (5320 metres long), a few boulders situated near Hallera and Grabiszyńska corner of the park, cycling routes and finally, a Monument of Common Memorial placed in the South part of the park as well.

It’s also worth knowing that Grabiszyński Park forms an eco-system with River Ślęza, with Grabiszyński Cemetery, the Cemetery of Italian Souldiers, with Oporów Hill, green patches and Oporów Woods.


By car – there’s a couple of car parks near Oporów Hill plus there’s plenty of space in the streets along, around and nearby the park.

By tram or bus – there’s a whole lot of them actually, basically – anything that goes to OPORÓW, FAT, along HALLERA will be fine.

Now that you know all this, let me take you for a walk to Grabiszyński Park.


Playground closest to Hallera and Grabiszyńska Street junction.


Plenty of squirrels around and they’re not scared of anyone!


Eugeniusz Romer Avenue



Moving South towards River Ślęza


Views along the way…


Be careful! This is a „hotel for wild flying insects”


Lots of secret passages, paths and routes to discover!


And we get to….


…a bridge – if you cross the bridge you get to Oporów, you can walk either way on both sides of the river – to Klecina district or Oporów district



This way to Oporów and Oporów Hill



Small Golf course with Oporów Hill monument in the background


Beautiful trees and plants, flowers…


Oporów Hill and Memorial Cemetery of Polish Soldiers


Car park next to Oporów Hill


The running route – it starts right at the bottom of Oporów Hill


One of the clearings where people usually relax during weekends


Playground, outdoor gym and a clearing nearest to Oporów Hill



Linden Avenue


Monument of Common Memorial


Moving towards Skarbowców Hill; you have to cross a couple of roads


Clearing on the way to the Hill



Skarbowców Hill or Mała Sobótka Hill in the horizon.

There’s a keep-fit track next to the hill and a lovely clearing as you can see, with plenty of benches along the way – great thing when your baby suddenly becomes hungry in the park (; I can’t tell how many times I’ve fed our Little Man in this park!

I hope you enjoyed the walk and that I made you want to explore the park more with your loved ones, it’s really worth it!


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