First – Aid Baby Kit on Holidays and at Home



Going on holiday with a baby means some serious packing! Besides clothes, extra clothes and more clothes, diapers, nursing accessories and cosmetics, sunblock (!!!), swimming gear, towels, spade and bucket, favourite toys and favourite blankie, I had to pack quite a bit of medicine and remedies „just in case” and because „you never know”.

I also wanted to be very well prepared because I came down with flu a week before our departure, my husband started feeling unwell a few days before our trip and our Little Man started coughing two days before our departure. Due to the situation getting worse every day, I was all stressed out and this really didn’t enhance our packing ( I packed a day before the flight…). That’s also when I realized and understood WHY travel agencies offer additional insurance in case of resignation. I finally began to feel better the morning we were leaving and my husband ended up with a 3 day cold. We never thought of getting such insurance because we probably would have gone anyway, despite feeling poorly. (Yes, that’s how desperate we are for holidays every year lol). However, as it comes to out Little Man we would have definitely resigned if this happened to him. That was a totally new situation for us and the moment I heard some coughing from the cot, things got rough and I had a feeling we’ve lost control over everything. In other words, I started panicking. We immediately called the doctor and made a quick appointment. Luckily, she said that the baby’s fine (he might be teething…) and that she doesn’t hear anything alarming in his chest, she calmed us down, advised what else to buy at the pharmacy and told us to enjoy our holidays because as far as she’s concerned, we’re not even going outside Europe and they REALLY have doctors in Greece too 😉

All in all, I only let out a sigh of relief once we got to the airport and believe me, that was a very loud sigh! Even the fact that I forgot to pack my underware wasn’t able to put me off…. LOL

Anyway, the following list of medicaments is based on what our pediatrician advised us to take along with us, some advice of a few fellow mums and what I have used before, therefore  knew we might need. I hope the list below will help some of you prepare yourselves a bit better for your journey with a baby but at the same time I hope you will never have to actually use your baby first-aid kit, neither while travelling nor (ideally) at home.

This is what we took with us to Rhodes (only for our Little Man):



1. Bobotic – anti-colic medicine in case our baby got bloated

2. Lipomal – based on the extract of linden, overall remedy for cold, coughing and fever

3. Nurofen (Ibuprofenum) – suppository for babies in case of pain or fever or both

4. Flegamina – a syrup that enhances getting rid of mucus discharge in the respiratory tract, for the so called „wet cough”

5. Glycerine suppositories (czopki glicerynowe) – in case our baby had problems with bowel movement (lack of bowel movement)

6. Smecta (Diosmectite) – medicine for diarrhoea and indigestion (for adults too)

7. Orsalit – electrolytes that prevent from dehydration when a baby has a heavy case of diarrhoea or vomiting

8. BioGaia – probiotic drops for infants meant to keep balance of bacterial flora in the digestive system

9. Dentinox N – teething gel that brings relief from teething pain

10. Mosbito – antimosquito plasters

11. Fenistil gel – soothes bites, skin irritations and allergic symptoms; has a local anesthetic effect

12. Tormentiol – ointment used to treat hard to heal wounds, changes in the skin, skin inflammation; works as astringent, bacteriostatically and anti-inflammatory (This shouldn’t be used too much on infants, I use it only in really rough cases of nappy-rush!!!)

13. Marjoram Ointment ( maść majerankowa) – used when a baby catches cold with a running nose; you have to rub it in right below the nose

14. Marimer drops – nose moisturizer

15. Physiological Saline (sól fizjologiczna) – eye and nose drops, help keep them clean and moisturized

16. Plasters in case of any scratches

17. Nasal aspirator –  for nose cleaning, helps improve your child’s breathing, feeding and sleeping by safely relieving congestion; for children that are not able to blow noses on their own

18. Thermometer

I’m sure there are many other medicaments for the mentioned conditions but these are the ones we chose, we know or have used before, thus recommend.

Please do not use the above without consulting a doctor, a pharmacist or reading the appropriate leaflet. If you need any help with translating a leaflet , you can let me know so that I can help you out or ask a pharmacist for you.

Out of the whole list, what we happened to use was Lipomal because of the coughing that started before we left but lasted only one more day in Greece. Marimer drops and physiological saline drops to keep the eyes and nose clean and moisturized but we use this often back at home too. Mosbito and Fenistil gel because there are bad little mosquitos on Rhodes Island that like to bite at night, to be honest I’ve never even seen one that’s how…invisible they are but every day we woke up with more and more bites visible mainly on our Little Man’s face, shame, he looked as if he had chicken pox :/ before we began to use Mosbito. Dentinox N – our Little Man gained a brand new tooth in Greece!

As I said before, I hope some of you will find this list helpful. Remember that the mentioned specifics are worth having not only when travelling around with a baby but also at home, at hand, together with your first-aid medicine kit, „just in case” of course!








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