Holidays with a baby – to go or not to go?


I’ve been away for a while but I’m back with a few posts about going on holiday with a baby. I hope I’ll answer at least some of your questions and doubts if you’re thinking of travelling with your tiny little loved one. Many of my friends and family wondered how our Little Man will cope with the long journey, high temperatures, sightseeing etc. If you’re a mum or dad hesitating what to do …

I say GO!

Of course I’m not here to decide for you but once we’ve experienced it ourselves, I can surely recommend.

We both love travelling to different places, so long before I was pregnant we promised ourselves that having a baby wouldn’t stop us from discovering the world around us. When the time came to make a decision a few months back, we weren’t that certain anymore…why? Because we had a few doubts regarding our Little Man  (:

First of all – plane – how will our little passenger behave, how will he cope with the pressure changes, what if he catches a cold because of the air-con on the plane? Secondly, won’t it be too hot for our Little Man? We wouldn”t want him to suffer because of the heat. Next, what about us? Will we be able to relax at all, won’t it just be a nuisance for all three of us so that we will all come back home way more exhausted than before the holiday? Will we get to see anything actually- paying xxxx Polish Złoty just to stay in a hotel all day isn’t really a good idea.Will our Little Man let other hotel guests sleep???What if our Little Man falls sick or catches a flu?

These and many other questions which I don’t remember at the moment kept bouncing back into our heads but on second thought, we chose to go. We spoke to our pediatrician, we spoke to the travel agent, we spoke to some parents that already travelled with their babies and everything they said had an impact on our decision – we chose Rhodes.

Sitting at the beach, listening to the waves, looking at our Little Man trying to bite a pebble – we just couldn’t imagine ourselves being there without him ❤ . Seeing how much he enjoyed it himself, how intensively he observed everything around him, how much he liked touching flowers and trees he hasn’t seen before, the way he looked at the sea and at the planes that passed right above our heads every now an then – we knew we couldn’t have made a better decision!


My further posts will be related to doubts/ pros and cons in more detail so please look out for them – first one tomorrow!


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