8 months – a few thoughts about the development of our baby

My Little Man turned 8 months today! 

He measures over 80cm, weighs over 10kg, sits steadily, works to get a toy that is out of reach, plays peekaboo, understands „no” but pretends he doesn’t (: , bears weight on his legs when held upright, turns in the direction of whoever’s calling him, looks for dropped objects (and enjoys dropping them of course), passes things from one hand into the other, knows very well how to object. He also crawls backwards and is trying very hard to crawl to the front, he’s trying to stand up and sit and what makes my heart grow – he says „MAMA” ❤

Now I can hear many people and books saying – „he should be crawling by now!”, „why doesn’t he stand against a sofa yet?”, „shouldn’t he be able to get into a sitting position on his own?” , „does he clap his hands ?”, „does he wave bye bye?”……


Should I be worried? I don’t think so.

My Little Man does something new every day, we practise and play a lot together, we spend time exercising on the floor or ground, every time we go for a walk he discovers something new and we try to show him as much as we can. Like all parents we’re doing our best to enhance our baby’s development and of course we’re waiting for every new skill he achieves but at the same time we’re not pushing it, we’re letting our Little Man grow in his own pace accepting him 100% the way he is. Seeing how much strength and determination it costs him, he is and always will be our little CHAMPION regardless of when he reaches the further steps of development.


We are aware that if we notice a missed milestone that hasn’t been achieved for a long time and the baby’s not even up to it, we should be alarmed and consult with a specialist. Other than that, what we can do is love our Little Man, remember that every baby is different and keep calm. Yes, I know it sounds like a cliché but that’s what we believe helps most. If we’re calm, our baby doesn’t stress either and happily performs his attempts.

Simple thinking but simple is often the best option. Isn’t it?



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