Who wants some cake?

Or rather „who doesn’t” should I ask (: 

Not long ago our baby boy was christened and like most people in Poland we wanted to celebrate this important day with our family. We found a lovely restaurant for a celebration meal (I’ll surely add a post about this place soon) and we ordered a beautiful and yummy cake for this occasion too.


As the cake was absolutely tasty and just as we expected it to be, I’d like to recommend the place we got it from:


The cake was made out of cream and mascarpone, sponge cake and had fresh fruit inside. That was our decision as you can choose from a variety of fillings and flavourings. The decorations and top layer were made out of sugar icing which I must admit was very sweet but also soft so if anyone wanted to eat it they could. The moment the cake was placed on the table, our nephews wanted to eat the baby from the decoration but I just couldn’t let them lol Instead they dismantled and ate the teddy bear and had loads of fun doing that of course!

The lady who prepares the cakes is really patient, helpful and does everything to make you happy with the ordered cake. I must also add that she’s in permanent contact with her customers so if you have any questions or you forgot to tell her something or you thought of changing the decoration a bit, you can e-mail or call her as she’s always there to answer. However, if you only speak english, it will surely be easier if you contact her by e-mail or facebook message to avoid any potential missunderstandings.

Pani Mariola does wonders and here are a few examples for you if you’re still hesitating:


Besides cakes for children, she also does other cakes like regular birthday cakes, wedding cakes, „adult cakes” (hen/stag nights), cupcakes and cookies. You choose the decoration and taste, and you choose whether you want to collect the cake on your own or do you wish them to drop the cake off at your home or at the celebration venue. (paid additionally)

The end to this story is – you’re happy with the cake, your child or whoever else the cake is for is happy, the guests are happy, Pani Mariola is happy, everyone is happy (:

More information and photos: http://www.facebook.com/tortywroc

I’m recommending this page because it’s the only place we’ve ordered a decorated cake from so far but If you wish to find other places you can order a non-regular cake from, feel free to google or facebook-search ” torty Wrocław”.






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