Park Południowy in Wrocław / South Park

One of the places in Wrocław I like spending time with my Little Man is Park Południowy ( South Park ). We live next to another park but going to the same park every single day could be a little bit boring for both of us so we try to visit different places in Wrocław. Park Południowy is one of the biggest parks in Wrocław but comparing to other parks like Szczytnicki or Grabiszyński, it’s quite small. Still, it’s lovely and worth paying a visit!

A little bit of history taken from WIKIPEDIA :

South Park was built out of nothing in the South area of the city. In 1877 the landlord of significant areas nearby  ( such as Partynice and Borek ), famous Wroclaw’ businessman and philanthropist Julius Schottländer gave the park to the city in exchange for connecting Borek to the power grid, sewage, gas and water mains. Since that time and until 1892, landscape architect Hugo Richter and botanist Ferdinand Cohn had created a park with meadows and a large pond, over which the brewer Georg Haase built a stylish restaurant with a tall tower.


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The restaurant hasn’t survived but the park is still there with the same pond with added fountains, Landsberg`s terrace with a nice view, paths, meadows, beautiful flowerbeds and Bender’s Hill right next to the park. In 1995 the park received a status of historical nature reserve with a number of 109 different plant species. In 2004, a monument of Fryderyk Chopin was placed in the park. It is almost four metres high and shows the composer sitting on a sofa and listening to the sounds of music.

Hundreds of people visit Park Południowy every single day, trying to catch a breath of fresh air while walking with their families, children, friends, walking their dogs, doing all sorts of sports etc. Also more and more people visit this place to simply lie down on a blanket or they organize little barbecues (or braais – as they say in South Africa) spending weekend afternoons on the grass. This is important as it’s a lovely way of spending time (as long as you obey all the rules of the park and don’t leave your litter behind! ) but until not long ago it was totally forbidden in Poland. One was not allowed to walk on the grass or do barbecues and to be honest , I think the latter is still forbidden but the authorities don’t seem to mind anymore….unless you’re behaving very loud, drinking alcohol and leaving litter around.

As I said, we often go for a walk to Park Południowy and I usually spread a blanket on the grass for my Little Man. I also put a few toys around him but he usually ends up on the edge of the blanket anyway, gently stroking the grass or looking at flowers, totally ignoring his toys. My Little Man really likes flowers and trees and we always try to help him explore bits of nature he hasn’t discovered yet. We let him touch the grass, play with leaves, he touches trees and flowers and he’s always gentle then, unlike when he touches our faces for example lol!


Furthermore, South Park is a great place to meet up with a friend as there’s a restaurant called Agawa (near the Chopin monument) where you can sit inside or outside and eat, have a drink, coffee or whatever you feel like. Right next to the restaurant, there’s a food-stall with natural ice-cream (very tasty). On the other end of the park (Januszowicka Street) there’s a restaurant called Pieprz i Wanilia where you have more exclusive food and interiors, and I know that many people organize christening dinners there too if you’re looking for a nice place to throw a „party”. during the weekends the park often has different attractions like outdoor Zumba for all, concerts, food-stalls or rather sweets-stalls and be aware (!!!) toy stalls. What more can I add…oh! Not for us yet but I’m sure your children will like it, there’s quite a big playground near the restaurant and pond. 

How to get to the park?

If you go there by car, there’s a parking place near the restaurant and there’s plenty of parking spaces around the park too but do mind the road signs! Not everywhere around the park parking is allowed. 

If you want to get there by tram, get on all that go to KRZYKI: 2, 17, 6, 7 and 5 (temporarily) and 9

Buses – 113, 112, 126, 127, 144

It’s quite easy to get there because whichever bus or tram you choose, you get off on the last stop – KRZYKI.




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