The „Right Time” – a short story about the beginning of our story

Ever since we got married we heard THE question – „when are you going to have a baby?”  when, when, when, when… over and over again for 5 years! As we were forced to say something we usually replied that we’re waiting for the right time but as the time kept passing by we started thinking about what the „right time” actually was? 

First we kept saying that we’re young and still want to have some fun, ok, so we had some fun.

Next, we wanted and needed a place of our own so we took a loan and bought a flat.

Then we wanted to travel a bit so we travelled a bit.

After that we never had money because we had to pay our loans for the flat and for our trips…

This was a neverending story because like most of the loans in Poland, ours will be paid off only in something like a billion years and even though we paid back our little travelling loan, we kept finding other things to spend money on so we still never had the money to have a baby.

At least that’s what we thought because then came the „right time”. It came when when we still felt like having fun, travelling and surprise – we still had no money…The difference was that we finally felt it was the right time – we were able to say we wanted a baby without a blink of an eye!

Looking back at it now, we think we discovered the secret of „the right time” – it’s a state of mind, nothing more and nothing less. In my opinion, it’s mainly a matter of a sociological and civilization problem that we all keep aiming towards material things that comfort us, subordinating our lives and decisions to what we actually posses or to what others expect us to do, instead of starting off with what’s most important of all – health and our loved ones.

Anyway, we finally reached that state of mind and it happened, I even know when…oh yes, I exactly know when. I did a pregnancy test but nope, false alarm. It was just probably too early as when my period was late again I didn’t want to be dissapointed again so I just went straight to the doctor and that’s when it all became very real – my gynaecologist said: „congratulations, you’re pregnant, there’s a little bubble and there’s a heartbeat too” . I was shocked and I remember the only thing I could say then was „eeee, what am I supposed to do now?” My doctor laughed but advised me to take good care of myself, take vitamin supplements and rest. I left the room speechless and it was only outside the medical centre that I showed the ultrasound scan (USG) with our little bubble to my husband and we cried, we both simply cried tears of happiness, that’s how happy we were and there couldn’t have been a better beginning to what’s nearly crawling around our home now than a feeling of massive happiness!

I called our little bubble BLOSSOM….it was Spring.



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