Hello to all English Mums in Wrocław town!

For the past half a year I’ve been thinking about what my first post would be about. Now I’m here, 6 months onwards, looking at the screen and I still have no idea … there’s probably just too much I want to say…

Who am I?

I’m a woman, wife and mum. 7 months ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and since then my life changed by 180 degrees, yet I can’t imagine it being different, or even worse – the same as it was before. Don’t get me wrong, me and my husband both enjoyed spending time on our own, going out to parties and meeting with friends or simply doing „our stuff” in our free time or catching a nap whenever we felt like it but we both agreed a short time ago that we wouldn’t ever want things to change back to what they were before. 

Besides being a woman and a mum I have a regular job in one of many big corporations in Wrocław. However, I am now on maternity leave and full-time focused on my baby.

My passions are travelling, book-reading and the art of make-up, mainly wedding make-up.

But my NO 1 passion of all time is my Little Man ❤ Obviously! That is why I decided to start off with this blog. He was and is my inspiration and so was the place I was born – South Africa. I was born and raised in amazing South Africa but my parents are both polish so I speak both Polish and English.

Since I became a mum, I’ve read many parenting blogs and bumped into a number of groups for young mothers. I found it very helpful but non of them were in English and dedicated to mums in a certain town. I wanted to create a blog that foreign mums in Wrocław could find useful in a more direct way so that when I say ie. that there’s a lovely place in Rynek with a place for babies to play, and it’s breast-feeding friendly too, you’ll know exactly where to go if you’re looking for such a place. 

So here I am, making sure my English doesn’t diminish while trying to be a bit of help to other more or less foreign mums in Wrocław, yet still focusing on my Little Man 100%




Let me know if you’re one of the foreign mums in town – if so, what would you like to read about? What would you like to know about pregnancy and motherhood in Wrocław? Maybe there are other related topics you’d like me to write about? You can e-mail me at englishmuminwroclawtown@gmail.com or simply comment on this post.



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